BBB’s Request-A-Quote Cinches Long Lasting Customer Relationships


Chris Gianino, owner of Simple Moves a caption

Chris Gianino, owner of Simple Moves and Cardinals baseball fan, credits teamwork for the success of his moving company.

“The biggest thing that I stress every single meeting that we’re a team, and we work together,” Gianino said. “Each of us has a position to play, and there’s no way we can be at our best without each of us pitching in.”

To keep clients satisfied and coming back, Simple Moves relies on a bedrock of solid communication with customers. Along with emails and courtesy calls, Gianino use BBB’s Request-A-Quote service to build lasting customer relationships.

Dozens of consumers have used BBB Request-A-Quote to initiate business with Simple Moves. Gianino believes BBB’s emphasis on ethics and honesty helps customers feel at ease and make informed decisions when giving his company their business.

“In today’s market there are a lot of fly-by-night companies, and we know that people do go to the BBB to check out companies and make sure they’re good and reputable,” said Gianino. “BBB’s Request- A-Quote is one more way customers can communicate with us, and usually, when people find out about us this way, they feel comfortable going forward with working together.”

Mike Rottler, president of Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions, agrees that using the BBB Request-A-Quote tool makes customers feel more confident when searching for services.

trucktrees“BBB gives us a platform and a resource to create a better marketplace for our customers,” Rottler said. “As customers develop confidence in their ability to buy services and products, they tend to spend more and be more comfortable doing so. We’re very fortunate in the region to have an excellent BBB, and the Request-A-Quote tool stands out as an excellent way to engage customers.”

BBB’s Request-A-Quote has been designed for efficiency and ease-of-use. Your customers will have two choices when they send you a request a quote. They can either choose an Accredited Business to directly request a quote from, or they can have their request sent to randomly selected Accredited Businesses within an industry until they receive several bids. This helps consumers compare prices, and helps your business get more opportunities to receive work.

Your business can be sent BBB Request-A-Quotes via email, text, or both. When you receive a Request-A-Quote, the first message will ask you to claim the lead. This just means that you’re interested in getting more business, and would like to know what the consumer is asking—you don’t have to commit just yet.

It’s important to claim the lead quickly—after 20 minutes, it will be passed on to additional businesses who will also be able to respond to the lead. After three businesses have responded, no more businesses will be able to respond.

When moving swiftly is necessary, Gianino trusts in the responsiveness of his team members.

“Everyone in the office and the field pride themselves on their ability to reach out to one another and grab opportunities,” Gianino said. “If we get a Request-A-Quote email or text, my operations managers can respond, help the customer, and set the wheels in motion.”

Once you’ve claimed the lead, you can see the full details of the consumer’s request. You can respond to this information with your bid for the work, a request for additional information from the consumer, or an offer to set up an appointment so you can assess the problem yourself. Consumers want an expert assessment from a trustworthy business—let them know what their best options are and how you can help.

Rottler has seen firsthand how having access to innovative communication tools can help your staff perform better as a team.

“CEO’s are like coaches of a sports team,” said Rottler. “Your business plan is a lot like a play book, and you want to have as many options for reaching out to the customer as possible. Request-A-Quote is another way your staff can focus on the customer and make your business successful.”

Gianino knows this focus on customer services can go a long way and quickly grow business.

“I started the company, 17 years ago in October 2000, with a $13,000 home equity loan. I spent 10,000 of that on a little ten foot box truck that had over 100,000 miles on it, and I just went out, met customers, and did everything I could to make them happy. Now simple moves is an interstate business, and it’s been a long, fun route up to where we are right now,” he said.

In order to receive Request-A-Quotes, BBB will need a current cell phone number and/or email address for your business. Contact BBB at 888-996-3887 in order to update your information.


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