The SOHO Shop takes work and living spaces into the future


Bryan and Becky Jefferson

After high school, Bryan Jefferson joined the US Marine Corps, where in a six-year career, he earned several medals, served as presidential guard for former president George H.W. Bush, and learned the tenets of leadership.

He brings the same level of determination and progressive thinking he learned in the armed forces to his role as president of the SOHO shop, a home automation company that designs, installs and programs smart lighting, climate control, A/V and security systems for commercial or residential applications.

“My wife and I both served in the United States Marine Corps. It was there that we polished up our leadership traits,” said Jefferson. “We’ve actually transitioned and redefined those traits to assure that our businesses promote a culture of taking care of each other. No individual can know everything out there, so getting a team that interacts on training and mentoring each other is very important to us.”

This emphasis on teamwork has helped Jefferson build a staff that is responsive to shifts in technology and consumer needs. When Jefferson first imagined building a home automation company, he focused on entertainment, such as surround sound systems. But as he did more research, he found that automation technologies were moving toward fully integrated security systems, convenience and return of investment in home ownership.

TheSOHOShop_Large copy“People are living in their houses longer. We started the company to find solutions that really benefited the family,” Jefferson said. “You spend countless hours of your life in your home, so it makes sense to supplement day-to-day activities with technology and take away as many stressors as you can.”

Staying engaged with consumer needs has been part of The SOHO Shops mission from the start. The business grew out of a personal blog where Jefferson shared his experience with smart home technology. Readers began calling him for assistance in estimating bids for their projects. So he and his team formalized a website, purchased business cards, got a phone number and went into business. Nine years after getting The SOHO Shop up and running, the customer’s needs still remain top priority for Jefferson.

“Every customer is important, no matter the size of the transaction,” Jefferson said. “We strive to understand and really listen to the customer about what they need before offering any solutions.”

The SOHO Shops commitment to customer service is apparent in its website testimonials.

One satisfied customer stated, “I can’t stress how important it is to have a good dealer that you can trust and rely on. It’s one thing to get a good system installed, but you need to have someone you can rely on after the installation to fix little glitches or whatnot. If The SOHO Shop is your dealer then you have no worries. The SOHO Shop took my new home and made it my dream home.”

Jefferson believes The SOHO Shop should act as a steward of trust that puts the customer first in every decision. That belief is just one reason why The SOHO Shop secured a 2017 TORCH award.

“People are too busy to build relationships the traditional way, but when they see The SOHO Shop is veteran-owned and has Better Business Bureau accreditation, they know we’re telling them the truth,” Jefferson said. “We’ve won vendor awards before, but the TORCH award sets the bar high. This one really sets us apart.”

The SOHO Shop, 3565 Franks Drive, Saint Charles, MO 63301


President: Bryan Jefferson

Mission Statement: 

We follow one simple mission, “make our customers’ everyday life safer and simpler through the intelligent use of smart technology.”

Our promise continues to be: When you work with us, you know you are doing business with a company that has the technological experience to design and install a state-of-the-art residential or commercial technology systems, and the business acumen to be grounded to service the system years from now. We are a veteran-owned small business whose management team brings together decades of experience from various disciplines.

BBB prepares profiles of BBB Accredited Businesses and BBB Accredited Charities as part of its TORCH Awards process. The SOHO Shop is a winner of the BBB St. Louis 2017 TORCH Awards.








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