Through rain, sleet or snowstorm, Brown Drug Company is there for customers


(from left to right) Andrew, Bill, Kim and Richard Cox

For more than 100 years, Quincy residents who rely on Brown Drug know that the business is there for them – no matter what.

When a blizzard swept through the west-central Illinois in February 2011 and dumped nearly two feet of snow on the town of 40,000 along the Mississippi River, the folks at Brown Drug didn’t bat an eye. With the town crippled by the snow, Brown Drug did everything it could to remain open for its customers.

“We plowed a 23-inch snow with a six-foot plastic blade and snow blower so we were able to remain open for business and serve the customers by delivering to them because they were housebound,” said Bill Cox, who is the fourth generation to run the business located in Quincy’s downtown. “Glad that hasn’t happened again.”

Established in 1914, Brown Drug offers free prescription delivery in Quincy, a rarity these days.

“And that’s a lot of free!,” the businesses’ advertising touts.

Cox said the company’s business model has changed quite a bit over the last 103 years it has been in business.

“Technology has a great deal to do with that,” he said. “Computerization and all the enhancements that affords has allowed us to hopefully better serve the customer. Free deliver, free mailing have been around since the beginning. We were customer-service oriented then and now.”

Browns logoQuincy is like other cities that has seen an influx of big-box retailers, some of which offer the same services that Brown Drug does. Brown Drug offers Quincyans something those chain store don’t – service that spans generations.

“We have great grandchildren shopping with us because the preceding generations in their family did and they receive all the services they deserve,” Cox said. “Our combination of services offered, as well as a drive-up window, convenient location and store hours, is a package that is unparalleled in our market area.”

Cox said the business has been able to thrive and grow over the years because of its commitment to customer service.

“Customer service is the focus and reason we are in business,” he said. “I feel that what we are doing is effective and new programs such as Medication Synchronization and Medication Therapy Management will enhance that. I guess that following the ‘golden rule’ is as effective a ‘customer service training’ as is necessary.

“We don’t have a customer service survey. We have published telephone numbers and open doors. If a customer wants to discuss their experience, we are available. We have zero complaints registered with the Better Business Bureau, because we wouldn’t let it get to that point. It must be working.”

Brown Drug will be honored at the 2017 Quincy TORCH Awards.

“It feels great and humbling,” Cox said of the TORCH honor. “We were chosen by a group of previous TORCH winners. Being chosen by a ‘jury of our peers’ is a great honor and a source of pride.”

Brown Drug Company, 1121 Maine St., Quincy, IL 62301


Co-owners: William L. Cox

Mission Statement:

The Brown Drug Company’s mission is to protect the health of our customers, enhance the lives of our employees and support the communities we serve. In each prescription filled there is a priceless ingredient…integrity.

BBB prepares profiles of BBB Accredited Businesses and BBB Accredited Charities as part of its TORCH Awards process. Brown Drug Company is a winner of the BBB Quincy 2017 TORCH Awards.





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