JC Car Care & Tire TORCH Award Profile


Jack Sims, owner of JC Car Care & Tire

Decades ago, Jack Sims, owner of JC Car Care & Tire, had a revelation about customer service that changed his entire perspective.

Sims was working as a mechanic at a Florissant, Mo. auto shop when his girlfriend, soon to be wife, brought in her car for a checkup. Sims noted that the alternator belt was worn, but he suggested that she could put off servicing the vehicle until the next oil change and save money in the meantime.

“About a month later, the belt broke on the highway,” Sims said. “Life was different back then, and it was long before cellphones. She had to cross the highway, find an opening in a fence, and get to payphone to tell me what happened.”

As a muscle car specialist, cross-country motorcyclist and natural mechanic who repaired the engine of his first car at 15, Sims had been making his customer recommendations based on what situations he could handle.

“But when I saw how that affected her, I changed my recommendations,” said Sims. “I started looking more through my customer’s eyes. A lot of them are wives and mothers taking care of their families. A paradigm shift happened, and I became more urgent in suggestions and took care to alert them about what might cause trouble down the road.”

logoThis new focus helped create the JC Car Care & Tire logo, which bears the phrase: “Keeping families safe since 1987”

When Sims opened JC Car Care & Tire, he founded the business on a commitment to excellence, customer service and consumer education. This commitment is exemplified on the company website, where consumers can find a variety of resources to help keep them safe and secure on the road. The site features tips on performing preventative maintenance, avoiding breakdowns, calculating gas mileage and even features an online form to contact a certified mechanic.

This culture of precision and care extends to the service garage where each National Automotive Parts Association JC Car Care & Tire manager and mechanic makes the customer top priority.

“Customer service has to be right in the front of their minds with every customer that walks through the door,” said Sims. “I tell my employees they have to have a servant’s heart.”

Along with a good demeanor, every JC Car Care & Tire mechanic undergoes continuous training and education.

“Modern cars have 18 plus computers on them, way more computer power than the lunar lander did. So I’ve spent a fortune on analyzers and training for the techs so that we can do business right,” Sims said.

Sims shares his desire to do the right thing with his surrounding community. Among other charitable campaigns, JC Car Care & Tire participates in the Brakes For Food program each year. When customers bring in non-perishable items during the month of September, they are able to receive free brake shoes or brake pads (some car models may be excluded). NAPA provides the parts and this food drive is done in the memory of Eleanor D Sims.

Sims stated that he feels proud of his ability to express his core values by the way he operates his business. He believes the Better Business Bureau parallels the ethical standards he upholds every day. He feels that earning a 2017 BBB TORCH Award is another defining moment in his years of service.

“When I applied for the award, I saw how closely they assessed how and why you do business,” Sims said. “I was impressed by this, and I’m more than thrilled that we can bring home the award.”

JC Car Care & Tire, 4429 Tumbleweed Trl, Saint Charles, MO 63304

Website: https://www.jccarcare.com/

Owner: Jack Sims

Mission Statement: 

To keep families safe through reasonable, reliable, responsible auto repair and through those repairs to develop strong, lasting relationships with our customers, their family members and friends.

BBB prepares profiles of BBB Accredited Businesses and BBB Accredited Charities as part of its TORCH Awards process. JC Car Care & Tire is a winner of the BBB St. Louis 2017 TORCH Awards.




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