Working Together to Gain by Giving

Eagle with John Beal staff

John Beal Inc. recently donated a roof to the World Bird Sanctuary. Some of the company’s staff got to see this bald eagle up close.

By Shellie Kreter, PR and Communications Manager, BBB St. Louis

During the holiday season, many people want to give back to their community. Charities increase their fundraising efforts to take advantage of the giving spirit, and many worthy projects are accomplished.  But how can you choose which charity to support when you see so many requests?

Just like BBB Accredited Businesses, BBB Accredited Charities are held to a higher standard. BBB Accredited Charities must meet BBB’s 20 Standards for Charity Accountability, including spending no more than 35 percent of their budget on fundraising and being transparent about how donations are spent.

BBB knows that BBB Accredited Businesses and Charities are natural partners for doing good. The Gain by Giving program connects BBB Accredited Businesses with BBB Accredited Charities so that businesses can give back and charities can find trustworthy allies to provide support and serve on boards.

Businesses that would like to help can describe what products or services they’d be willing to provide.  Their offer of help is sent to BBB Accredited Charities, who can respond with their current needs. The business then chooses the charity with which they would like to work.  Charities also can request help with specific projects from BBB Accredited Businesses.

gainbygivinglogoforstreampageGain by Giving encourages businesses and charities to be flexible. Some businesses find it easier to donate labor or time; some businesses find it easier to donate in cash.  Charities have used Gain by Giving to recruit board members and volunteers and also have received large donations, such as a new roof.

“Some businesses tell me they want to help, but they don’t think they’re big enough to make a meaningful donation,” said Tracy Hardgrove, BBB St. Louis vice president of operations and administration.  “Gain by Giving proves that no matter your business’s size or talents, there’s a way that you can help.”

Gain by Giving’s success stories are as diverse as our Accredited Businesses and Charities.

  • John Beal Roofing has used Gain by Giving to select its quarterly charitable projects. Most recently, the company donated a new roof to the World Bird Sanctuary.
  • Geile/Leon Marketing helped Children’s Home Society of Missouri after the company decided to celebrate its 25th anniversary by having its employees dedicate 25 volunteer hours.
  • Precision Construction Services ran ads promoting donations to the Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri and offered to donate $200 to the organization for every customer who signs up for a job with its company.

Would your business or charity like to get involved with Gain by Giving? Email Tracy Hardgrove at to participate.

This article first appeared in the Winter 2016 issue of BBB’s Torchlight magazine for BBB Accredited Businesses and Accredited Charities.


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