New BBB Business Profiles Improve User Experience

New BBB Business Profile

The new BBB Business Profile is designed to make it easier for users to find the information they need.

By Jerri Stroud, BBB Editor

Have you checked BBB Business Profiles lately? If you have, you know that they have a brand-new look and feel. And we think you’re going to like them.

After extensive research and feedback from consumers and businesses across North America, BBB has rolled out a new design for what we previously called BBB Business Reviews. The new design aims to optimize the user experience, whether the profile is being viewed on a mobile device, a tablet or a desktop computer. Consumers should find it easier to tap into the free information on Accredited Businesses provided in BBB Business Profiles.

BBB Accredited Business Profiles have a green background that clearly displays a business’s accreditation, ratings and customer reviews on the right. Businesses that aren’t accredited have blue profiles.  There are more than 5.3 million BBB Business Profiles in all, including approximately 380,000 BBB Accredited Business Profiles.

On each profile, tabs for Overview, Reviews & Complaints, Request A Quote and BBB Accreditation make it easy to navigate and browse the clear, concise information for consumers.

There’s also a “submit review” button in the upper right corner that makes it easy for customers to write reviews. A bar graphic shows the relative percent of positive, neutral and negative reviews along with a clickable link to all the reviews and complaints about a business.

Businesses can update their information through the Accredited Business login. They can add links to their own social media, such as Twitter or Facebook. There also are options to share or print materials.

Need more help? Go to or call 314-645-3300.

A version of this article first appeared in the  Winter 2016 issue of BBB’s Torchlight magazine.



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