Top 10 Industries Consumers Researched With BBB In 2015

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Consumers call BBB or go online every day to get BBB Business Reviews on all types of businesses.

Every day, consumers turn to Better Business Bureau to research businesses they’d like to patronize. More than 5.3 million BBB Business Reviews nationwide provide information on companies from plumbers to lawyers to dentists and movers.

In 2015, nearly 3.6 million reviews were viewed on St. Louis BBB’s website or by calling BBB. Millions more consumers researched companies through the 112 BBBs in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

BBB Business Reviews provide information including a BBB rating from A+ down to F, based on factors such as whether a company responds to and resolves complaints, its time in business and more. The reviews also show the kinds of complaints that were filed against a business, if any, and how they were resolved. Contact information and company website addresses are listed, if available.

Look for the SealIf a businesses is BBB Accredited, the Business Review will displayed the BBB seal, and the company can use the seal in its own advertising. BBB Accredited Businesses agree to abide by BBB’s Standards for Trust, which include advertising honestly, keeping promises, telling the truth and being transparent.

In the last few years. BBB also has begun offering customers the chance to review businesses, and these reviews  show up on a businesses’ Business Review. Consumers tell BBB that they want to read reviews by other customers, and businesses say the reviews can help them do a better job of pleasing customers. At the end of 2015, 4,739 customer reviews were displayed on BBB’s website.

Consumers also can Request A Quote from BBB Accredited Businesses. By entering the type of business, zipcode and contact information, consumers can get Accredited Businesses to respond to them by text, email or phone. The service has proved extremely popular with businesses and consumers.

Top 10 Industries for BBB Business Reviews in 2015*

1. Construction & Home Improvement 558,710
2. Roofing & Siding Contractors 150,074
3. Auto Repair 124,645
4. Lawn & Landscaping Companies 123,178
5. Vehicle Service Contract Companies 119,845
6. Health & Medical 108,345
7. Loan, Mortgage, Financial Assistance 104,532
8. Heating & Air Conditioning 91,652
9. Collection Agencies 82,841
10. Auto Dealers – Used 84,082
Total for All Industries 3,597,886

Source: Better Business Bureau Serving Eastern Missouri & Southern Illinois

*Statistics are based on inquiries and complaints about companies in the 92 counties served by BBB Serving Eastern Missouri & Southern Illinois and may not be indicative of trends nationwide.

For more information on services BBB provided in 2015, go to this press release.


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