Businesses can ‘Gain by Giving’ with BBB Accredited Charities

Gain by Giving logoIs your business looking for a charity to give to or one that can use volunteers from your organization? BBB encourages businesses to ‘Gain by Giving’ by forming an alliance with a trustworthy BBB Accredited Charity for any charitable or volunteer projects.

BBB Accredited Charities are well qualified to work with BBB Accredited Businesses because they operate with the same kinds of principles as a trustworthy business. To qualify for accreditation, a charity must demonstrate that it meets BBB’s 20 Standards for Charity Accountability. These standards are designed to assure that charities are being transparent about how they raise and use funds donated by members of the public. The standards address a charity’s governance, oversight, effectiveness, finances and fundraising.

The 200-plus BBB Accredited Charities in Eastern Missouri and Southern Illinois are a great resource to the community. Working with any of them would be a great move for any business, but particularly for BBB Accredited Businesses.

BBB’s Gain by Giving initiative encourages Accredited Businesses to search BBB’s Accredited Charity Guide online to find charities that serve whatever constituency they choose. The charities include those who serve adults, children, veterans, military members, those with various disabilities or diseases as well as those dedicated to fighting hunger, improving literacy, preserving the environment and other causes.

If a charity isn’t listed in the guide, a business can search for the charity by name on BBB’s website. Simply enter the charity’s name on any page of BBB’s website, select “charity” from the drop-down filter menu below the name, enter the city where the charity is located and then click the magnifying glass to search. Click on the charity’s name in the search results to see its review.

To find out more about Gain by Giving, businesses can contact Jim Judge, BBB’s director of charity review, by sending email to





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