BBB Tip of the Week: Hiring a Pool Contractor

child swimming in poolSwimming pools can be a substantial investment, particularly in-ground pools. Better Business Bureau advises consumers to research pool contractors carefully and to consider pool maintenance before you dive into a backyard pool project.

Pools require frequent cleaning during the season, and proper closing and opening at the end and beginning of a season. Consumers need to think about how their family will use the pool, weigh the expense and decide what type fits their budget and space.

BBB advises consumers to:

  • Obtain at least three bids and compare them. Make sure the bids specify the quantity, brand, size and color of materials.
  • Make sure the contractor’s paperwork is in order. Ask to see the contractor’s license and certificates of insurance. If you have any questions, contact the appropriate licensing board.
  • Ask for references and check them out.
  • Check BBB Business Reviews to see whether a contractor has been the subject of complaints and whether the complaints have been resolved.
  • Find out who will be doing the actual work – the contractor’s employees or subcontractors.
  • Obtain lien waivers from suppliers.
  • Find out whether the builder can make site and soil evaluations for your property. Consider whether grading or landscaping work will be needed to finish a pool to your satisfaction.
  • Ask about warranties, maintenance and repairs after the pool is completed.

For more BBB tips or to research a contractor, go to or call 314-645-3300.


One thought on “BBB Tip of the Week: Hiring a Pool Contractor

  1. Great post about choosing a swimming pool contractor. Your suggestion to make three very specific bids is very appropriate. You always want to compare your choices. Getting the bids as specific as possible will help allow you to have greater peace of mind when deciding which contractor should build your pool.

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