Top 10 Categories For BBB Business Reviews In 2014

BBB Business Review

Sample BBB Business Review of an Accredited Business.

Better Business Bureau believes that BBB Business Reviews are one of the most valuable services we offer to consumers and businesses, as last year’s statistics show.

Top10InquiriesRedRequests to check out a company through BBB Business Reviews topped 2.78 million last year, a 35 percent increase from 2013. Inquiries about construction and remodeling contractors topped the list of requests at 208,847, followed by inquiries about auto service contract companies. (More 2014 BBB statistics are available in this press release.)

BBB Business Reviews, which are verified by BBB staff, provide background information on more than 4.7 million companies nationwide, including thousands of businesses in Eastern Missouri and Southern Illinois. The information includes how long a company has been in business, whether it’s accredited by BBB and any complaints filed with BBB. Consumers can read the complaints and find out how a company satisfied consumers.

Consumers can search for a review from any page on the BBB website. A search bar at the top of every page allows consumers to enter a business name, phone number, email address or website URL and enter a location to look for a particular business. You also can search for a business by category, such as plumbing contractors, roofers or any other type of business.

Many Accredited Businesses also have added their hours, policies and photos of their products and services. And in the last year, more than 1,800 consumer reviews have been verified and added to the appropriate BBB Business Reviews.

The list below shows the top 10 categories for BBB Business Reviews in 2014, as compiled by BBB serving Eastern Missouri and Southern Illinois. Nationwide numbers aren’t yet available.

Better Business Bureau
Serving Eastern Missouri & Southern Illinois*
Top 10 Industries for BBB Business Reviews in 2014
1 Home Construction/Remodeling Contractors 208,847
2 Auto Service Contract Firms 126,034
3 Roofing Contractors 116,767
4 Auto Repair 110,381
5 Lawn & Landscaping Contractors 102,765
6 Auto Dealers – Used Cars 95,516
7 Collection Agencies 92,009
8 Concrete, Foundation & Paving Contractors 80,759
9 Heating & Air Conditioning Contractors 77,700
10 Mortgage Companies 75,223
Total for All Industries 2,780,920
Source: Better Business Bureau Serving Eastern Missouri & Southern Illinois

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