BBB Tip of the Week: Online Dating Scams

ClaspedHandsAlmost everyone wants to find a compatible companion at some point in their lives, and these days, the online world is full of alluring websites that promise to find your perfect match.

Better Business Bureau regularly gets complaints from consumers who have been disappointed with the results they get from online or local dating services. The complaints include:

  • Failure to match the customer with compatible partners.
  • Too few “matches” offered.
  • Difficulty canceling or obtain refunds.

But some consumers fall victim to scammers, who masquerade as affectionate partners, then ask for money for travel or an unexpected emergency. A clue that the needs are bogus is that scammers generally ask for the money to be wired or delivered through a prepaid money card, like a Green Dot MoneyPak or another prepaid card.

BBB advises consumers to check a BBB Business Review on any company that offers online dating or matchmaking services. BBB Business Reviews include a listing of any complaints filed with BBB about the company and how the complaints were addressed by the company. The reviews should include contact information for the company, if available, and a rating based on 13 factor, including how a company responds to complaints.

Read contracts carefully, and understand how to cancel them. Some contracts automatically renew if you don’t cancel within a specified period.

BBB has detailed tips on online dating on our website.



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