Top 10 Categories For Complaints To BBB|St. Louis In 2014

Student mediators

Law students work as volunteer mediators to help BBB resolve disputes.

Better Business Bureau handles a wide range of marketplace disputes between businesses and consumers.

BBB dispute resolution services help businesses improveTop10ComplaintsRed
relationships with customers by bringing both sides together to find a resolution that’s acceptable to both parties. (For more on how businesses can benefit from BBB dispute resolution, read this post.)

Complaints filed with BBB against companies in Eastern Missouri and Southern Illinois declined slightly to 20,843 last year, and 87 percent of complaints were resolved, up from 85 percent in 2013. (More 2014 BBB statistics are available in this press release.)

BBB considers the combination of increased inquiries and lower complaints a sign of progress, indicating that consumers are making better-informed buying decisions. BBB also encourages consumers to contact a business before they file a complaint. Often, the business is willing to help if you’re not satisfied with their services or products.

Complaints against the cable, television and satellite companies again led the list of industries with the most complaints in St. Louis BBB’s region. The second highest number of complaints was against companies providing Internet services and shopping.

The chart below reflects complaints filed in 2014 with the St. Louis BBB for companies based in our 92-county region. Complaints filed against companies outside our region are transferred to the BBB where that company is headquartered. For that reason, trends in our region may not reflect nationwide trends for complaints.

Better Business Bureau
Serving Eastern Missouri & Southern Illinois*
Top 10 Industries for Complaints Filed with BBB in 2014
1 Television Cable/Satellite Contractors 4,445
2 Internet Services & Shopping 2,245
3 Telephone Communications 2,046
4 Pharmacies 1,772
5 Auto Repair 1,285
6 Construction & Home Improvement 928
7 Vehicle Service Contract Companies 890
8 Auto Dealers – Used Cars 846
9 Health & Medical 846
10 Auto Dealers – New Cars 559
Total All Industries 20,843
Source: Better Business Bureau Serving Eastern Missouri & Southern Illinois
*Statistics are ba
sed on inquiries and complaints about companies in the 92 counties served by BBB Serving Eastern Missouri & Southern Illinois and may not be indicative of trends nationwide.




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