BBB Tip of the Week: Hiring A Plumber

plumberThere’s never a good time for a plumbing emergency. BBB can help consumers find trustworthy contractors to plug your leak, unclog your toilet, deal with frozen pipes or install a new water heater.

Plumbers need licenses and insurance, so you should ask a company who is the responsible master plumber with the business, obtain a license number and ask for proof of insurance.

Ask for an estimate of the cost and a written contract before you authorize any work. Be sure to read and understand the contract. It’s a good rule to ask for estimates from three contractors for any major repair.

BBB allows consumers to request a quote from BBB Accredited Businesses. Just search our Accredited Business Directory and select contractors to respond to your request.

BBB Business Reviews are available 24 hours a day at The reviews list information such as the length of time a company has been in business, contact information and the company’s website if it has one. If a consumer has filed a complaint with BBB, the review also should show how the company responded.

BBB also has a list of tips on hiring contractors of all kinds.


4 thoughts on “BBB Tip of the Week: Hiring A Plumber

  1. My husband and I live in Denver and have had pretty good luck when it comes to our plumbing. Apart from a few clogged toilets, we haven’t had any problems that require calling the plumbers. I think that it is a great idea to have a good plumber in your back pocket just in case something were to happen. We have asked around the neighborhood and have gotten some great referrals.

  2. Thanks for the advice to ask for a quote on the work before deciding on a given plumber. My personal rule is to go with a middle of the range quote. You don’t want to go with a plumber who will cut corners, or one who is purely in it for the money.

  3. I’ve come to trust these types of online reviews. Getting an unbiased view into a companies history and prior work really helps to make the right choice. Without that certainty I wouldn’t feel as comfortable hiring a company that I don’t know much about.

  4. In the past I’ve never asked for a plumber’s license number. While I’ve never had any problem with not asking, I am definitely going to do so in the future. Hopefully I’ll continue to have success with plumbers in the future.

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