BBB Tip Of The Week: Choosing Diet, Fitness Programs

feet on scaleLosing weight and getting into shape are among the top New Year’s Resolutions, but how do you find weight loss programs or fitness clubs that you can trust?

BBB and the Federal Trade Commission field thousands of complaints every year from consumers who were dissatisfied with the results of weight loss products or who never got the products or services they ordered. The FTC levied millions of dollars in fines against firms who made unsubstantiated claims about weight loss or fitness products.

BBB has BBB Business Reviews on hundreds of weight control programs, health clubs, fitness centers and gyms nationwide, including companies that operate in your local area. The reviews give vital information, such as the company’s time in business, its ownership, address and contact information. Reviews also list any complaints filed against the companies and describe how the businesses responded to complaints.

BBB also has a list of tips to help you evaluate programs on your own. We also issued a press release on the topic Thursday.

First and foremost, check with your doctor before you start. Your doctor may have recommendations on diet or exercise programs that fit your needs or health conditions.

And don’t forget to check before you make any purchasing decision.



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