Request-A-Quote Links Consumers, Accredited Businesses

Male Contractor in Hard Hat Discussing Plans with Woman in Room.By Jerri Stroud, BBB Editor

Four years after BBB began offering “Request A Quote” service to consumers and BBB Accredited Businesses, the service is providing companies with some of their best sales leads.

“The leads we get more than pay for our membership,” said Robert Hoffmann, owner of Hoffmann Brothers Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing.

Tim Faulkner, marketing manager for Dodge Moving & Storage, says the company was able to convert eight out of 11 leads from the BBB service into paying customers. That’s comparable to leads from the company’s own website.

Dodge and Hoffmann Brothers are among hundreds of companies that have received more than 8,000 Request A Quote emails through St. Louis BBB’s website in the last year. They include a wide range of companies from roofers and movers to tuckpointers, pest control companies, contractors, tree-trimmers and more.

Cecilia Soiebel of P.S. Rapp Plumbing & Sewer, said the service has brought customers in, but she hasn’t tracked whether the leads came from Request A Quote or from customers browsing BBB’s website. “It’s working out well,” she said.

Request A Quote makes it easy for BBB website visitors to contact companies directly when they’re looking for a product or service. They can ask for information from just a few companies or from all BBB Accredited Businesses listed in the category that corresponds to the product or service they need. Consumers can use it in two ways.

  • If you’re viewing a company’s BBB Business Review online, you can click “Request A Quote” to ask that business for a quote, proposal or more information.
  • Another way is to search for a type of business in the search box on any page of BBB’s website. You can get a list of businesses in one of more than 2,000 categories, such as plumbers, mortgage companies or auto repair shops, narrowing the list to those within a specified distance from the user’s zip code.  You can select one or more of the businesses if you’re interested in getting an estimate or more information and indicate how you’d like to be contacted: by mail, by phone or by email.

Alex Halama, marketing manager for Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions, said the company closes on more than half of the Request A Quote leads it receives from BBB. The customers either sign up for recurring service plans, or they hire Rottler for a specific job.

“Those leads are some of our highest-closing leads,” Halama said.

Customers don’t talk a lot about why they clicked the button, said Halama. “They just get down to brass tacks. People have already decided that they want or need the service.”

Cindy Mirelli, office manager for Mirelli Tuckpointing, says the Request a Quote leads have been positive.

“I do feel these were good leads,” Mirelli said. “I think any lead from the BBB is a good one, and it seems to be working out well for our company.”

Several business owners said their success with Request A Quote confirms the value of being BBB Accredited.

“I definitely think it’s of value to belong to the BBB,” Halama said. Accreditation and the company’s use of the BBB logo add to the company’s perception as a trusted business. “People respect that, especially in our region.”

This article first appeared in the Spring 2014 issue of BBB’s Torchlight magazine.


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