New & Expanded: BBB’s Charity Services

BBB's Online Accredited Charity Directory

BBB’s Online Accredited Charity Directory

Did you know that Better Business Bureau doesn’t just provide information about businesses, but also keeps records on charities, too?  We’re spreading the word about our expanded charity accreditation services so that trustworthy charities and donors can find each other more easily.

Our most exciting new service is our Online Accredited Charity Directory.  This new directory lists all of BBB’s Accredited Charities in one convenient location, along with their mission statements and contact info.  The charities are organized by mission, so whether you want to browse organizations that support animals or groups that help the elderly, it’s easy for you to find what you want.  All listings in the BBB Accredited Charity Guide also link to the charity’s BBB Review, so you can see a summary of their recent financial statements and know exactly how your donations will be spent.

“We thought that one of the best things we could do to celebrate our Accredited Charities was simply to let people learn about them more easily,” Charity Director Carole Bellman said. “They work hard for their causes, and they work hard to prove that they get results.  We’re excited to help them pass along that message.”

The online directory is especially useful because BBB now has more Accredited Charities than ever before. During our current Charity Director’s tenure, our number of Accredited Charities has grown by 14% to 198 Accredited Charities.

If your favorite local charity isn’t Accredited yet, encourage them to get in contact with BBB.  Accreditation is free (although there is a small fee for using the BBB Seal in your advertising), so there’s no reason for local charities not to take advantage of this great service.


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