What the Most Read Business Reviews Meant for 2013– And Will Mean in 2014

bus rev headerWe love that it’s easy now to find reviews for most businesses online–after all, one of our highest priorities at BBB is to help consumers get the information they need to make informed decisions. But because it’s so easy to post reviews, it’s also become more prevalent for fake reviews to appear around the web.

Cornell University did an interesting study in 2011 where they found that a large proportion of business reviews were actually written by professional review writers or business owners themselves (Here’s a NYTimes article about it, and here’s the original study.).

Here at your BBB, we provide you with BBB Business Reviews you can trust. And more than 2 million people checked those reviews last year.

Here are the top 10 industries that people researched using BBB Business Reviews:

10. Plumbers 38,614 views
9. Lawn & Landscaping Contractors 44,947
8. Heating & Air Conditioning Contractors 49,468
7. Collection Agencies 54,554
6. Mortgage Companies 61,815
5. Auto Repair Shops 63,275
4. Auto Dealers (Used Cars) 67,713
3. Auto Service  Contract Firms 75,656
2. Roofing & Guttering Contractors 78,820
1. Home Construction or Remodeling Contractors 149,036
Total Business Reviews for All Industries 2,058,947

Auto Service Contract firms came in third with 75,656 searches in 2013, but they didn’t even make the top ten list in 2012.  Lawn and Landscaping Contractors and Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors have also both received more searches in 2013 than in 2012.

The Auto Service Contracts number isn’t very surprising, since we uncovered NAVISS’s practices selling auto service contracts after receiving many complaints about them in 2013.  We’re not as certain about the increase in searches for heating and cooling and lawn companies, though– maybe it’s due to all the crazy weather we got last year!

To use BBB reviews, go to out “Check out a Business or Charity” at our website and search for either the name of a business or the type of business that you’re interested in.  In each of the business reviews that come up, you’ll be able to see a company’s BBB rating, information about any complaints filed against it, and the text of those complaints along with contact information, websites and more.  Using all of this information, you can judge for yourself whether or not the business seems trustworthy.

If you want more information on a company, you can click “Request a Quote” and ask the company to contact you by phone, by mail or by email, whichever you prefer. Businesses love hearing from you, especially if you’ve checked them out at BBB first.

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