BBB Request A Quote Can Help You Find Contractors

Did you resolve to remodel your kitchen or make other home improvements this year?

Chances are, you’ll need a contractor for that. And unless you have a trusted company in mind, you may not have a clue about how to find one. That’s where the Better Business Bureau (BBB) comes in.

BBB doesn’t recommend companies, and if you call our office, we won’t even give you a list of trusted companies to call. You can, however, go to our website and find hundreds of BBB Accredited Businesses who have agreed to meet our standards. The site also has a feature called “Request a Quote” that can help you find a company that meets your needs.

eQuote_bgJust click the “Request a Quote” button on the lower right of our website, and a form will pop up. You can search for companies who do the kind of work or offer the product you need.

Click on their names to get a BBB Business Review. The review includes a letter grade for the company and lots of other information, such as whether the company has been the subject of complaints and how the complaints were resolved.

If you like what you read, you can click “Request a Quote” on a specific company’s BBB Business Review and request information from that company. You can describe the information you need, leave your contact information and indicate whether you want to be contacted by phone, email or regular mail. It’s up to the company to contact you.

Another option is to select several names of companies from the initial list of companies and request the information from those companies. (A warning, if you don’t select a few companies, you could be requesting information from them all. Yes, we know this from experience.)

“Request A Quote” has become extremely popular since BBB began offering the service a couple of years ago. More than 8,000 requests have been forwarded to Accredited Businesses in our service area in the last year, and those businesses love hearing from consumers like you.

For more BBB news, visit our website or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.


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