Families Say Discount Jail Phone Plan Failed Them

By Jerri Stroud, BBB Editor

Jail Call Services

The home page for Jail Call Services’ website.

Families with relatives or friends in jail say a Texas company sold them a discount plan for staying in touch with inmates but failed to connect them and refused to give them refunds.

BBB investigator Bill Smith talked to several of the 190 customers nationwide who have filed complaints against Jail Call Services of Dallas. They told Smith that they tried repeatedly to call loved ones in prisons and jails around the country, but seldom, if ever, got through. One customer was even told that if she tried to use the call-forwarding plan that she could be subject to prosecution.

Jail Call Services didn’t respond to BBB requests for information, and many complainants said they had no luck getting refunds or responses, either.

Today’s BBB press release has more details about the company and the problems its customers experienced.

BBB advises anyone who has to call prisoners to check with the jail or prison before signing up for any calling plan. Make sure the plan is compatible with the facility’s phone system.

As always, you can check out a company with BBB by looking up a BBB Business Review on our website before you buy or sign a contract. Use a credit card to pay in case you need to challenge the charge.

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